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17,896 violators were arrested in Saudi Arabia, within a Week

According to the Ministry of the Interior in Saudi Arabia, 17,896 people were arrested within one week for violating restrictions regarding residency, employment, and border security as a result of combined field efforts. Join Saudi Expatriates Broadcast channel on Instagram

The following outcomes were reported by the Ministry of Interior regarding the nationwide administration of regulations related to residence, employment, and border security from January 25, 2024, through March 31, 2024.

1. Combined security field campaigns all over the Kingdom arrested a total of 17,896 violators, this includes 10,874 from the residence law, 4,123 from the border security law and 2,899 from the labor law.

2. A total of 937 individuals were caught for their attempts to cross the border into the Kingdom, of them, 29% were Yemeni nationals, 69% were Ethiopians, and 2% were of other nationalities, 48 individuals were also captured for their attempts of performing an unauthorized crossing outside the Kingdom's borders.

3. Seven individuals were detained for their roles in shipping, harboring, employing, and covering up for individuals who violated restrictions regarding residence, employment, and border security. See Also : Procedure to cancel exit re-entry visa in Saudi Arabia

4. The total number of expats now being subject to processes for regulation implementation has reached 56,686. Of these, 51,445 are men and 5,241 are women.

5. The authorities deported of 10,096 individuals, transferred 1,789 to finalize their travel arrangements, and referred 49,721 violators to their diplomatic missions in Kingdom to get travel documents.

Any individual who knowingly allows border law violators to enter the Kingdom, transports them within, gives them shelter, or offers any form of assistance or service is subject to confiscation, a fine of up to one million riyals, and a maximum prison sentence of fifteen years, according to the Ministry of Interior. In addition to defaming him, and seizing the utilized his transportation and housing for accommodation.

- The Ministry also stressed that this is a serious offense that calls for immediate action, as it violates people's honor and trust. The authority urged those in the Makkah Al-Mukarramah, Riyadh, and Al-Sharqiya regions to report any such violations to the following number 911, and for the rest of the Kingdom to 999 and 996. Trending : Authorities in Saudi Arabia arrests 149 citizens and expats against Corruption

17,896 violators were arrested in Saudi Arabia, within a Week -

17,896 violators were arrested in Saudi Arabia, within a Week

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