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Saudi Arabia allows conducting Marriage (Nikah) contracts at Two Holy Mosques

As part of efforts to improve the experiences of pilgrims and visitors, the Saudi authorities has made it acceptable to sign marriage contracts (Nikah ceremonies) at Makkah and Madina, which are Islam's two holiest places. Trending : List of Public Holidays in Saudi Arabia in 2024, with earliest in February

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah announced the plan, which will make it possible for well-organized weddings (Nikah) to take place at the Makkah Grand Mosque and the Prophet's Mosque in Madina, according to Al Watan news.

- Experts have said that the plan gives companies a "chance" to come up with new ways to hold these kinds of events that show respect for both places.

- A Saudi mazoun, or marriage official, named Musaed Al Jabri said that signing a marriage contract at the mosque is permitted in Islam because the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) is known to have done it for a friend.

- According to Al Jabri, people from Madina already commonly sign marriage contracts at the Prophet's Mosque. Most Viewed : New mechanism has put on to enter Rawdah Sharif in Madina

- He said, "This is because of a number of reasons." There is a tradition in some of them to invite most of the couple's relatives. A lot of the time, the family of the wife-to-be is unable to accommodate all of the guests. "So, the marriage contract is signed at either the Prophet's Mosque or the Quba Mosque, which was the first mosque built in Islam," he said.

- "Blessing and good fortune" are thought to come from Nikah (marriage) contracts being signed at the mosque, he said.

- However, people attending the event should follow some rules, he said it is prohibited to make loud noises that distract worshipers. Al Jabri also said, "It is important to respect the holy place and not bring in too much coffee, sweets, or food."

- Every year, millions of Muslims from inside and outside of Saudi Arabia perform Umrah at the Makkah Grand Mosque and also visit the Prophet's Mosque and other important Islamic sites in Madina. See Also : New Gold reserves discovered in Makkah

Saudi Arabia allows conducting Nikah at Two Holy Mosques -

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