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Saudi courts received 100,200 labor cases in the Year 2023

Around 100,200 labor cases have been submitted to courts and labor divisions across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since the start of the year 2023. That's about 426 cases every day. Most Viewed : Delaying the salary of a worker is a violation of Labor law

About 30,530 cases were brought to the attention of courts and circuits in the Riyadh area. This was 30.5% of all cases. The courts in the Makkah region come in second, with 26,677 cases. This region comes after the Riyadh region.

- Third place went to the Eastern Province with 13,111 cases, then to the Asir region with 5,723 cases, then to Madinah with 5,335 cases, and finally to the Qassim region with 4,656 cases.

- The number of cases sent to the labor circuits in Hail was 4,656. The number of cases sent to the courts in Tabuk was 2,768, Jazan was 2,488, Al-Jouf was 1,918, Najran was 1,072, and the Northern Border Region had 956. The number of cases sent to the courts in Al-Baha was the lowest, at 768. Recommend : KAIA Airport invites visitors to disclose 6 things at the airport

- Al-Eqtisadiah newspaper reported that the issues that the courts decided on included claims for late salaries and requests for allowances, as well as claims for compensation and bonuses and requests for an experience certificate. There were also disagreements about the employer punishing the worker or asking to be excused from punishments.

- The Labor Court rules set specific times for accepting lawsuits that claim workers rights. These times apply to lawsuits about the Labor Law or domestic workers, as well as lawsuits about other workers. Disputes must be settled peacefully before they can be brought to court. This is on top of the complaints that have already been made against the General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) about registration, subscription, and payment.

- According to the Labor Law, there are 21 days for workers to try to reach an agreement without going to court before they can file a case. If the steps for a peaceful settlement aren't finished by then, the disagreement will be sent electronically to the labor courts through the Ministry of Labor and Social Development's portal. See Also : New penalties for labor law violations

Saudi courts received 100200 labor cases in the Year 2023 -

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