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Fine on workers who escape Workplace during Inspections in Saudi Arabia

With the new penalty system in action, companies that hire illegal workers will have to pay a fine of 10,000 riyals on each worker who runs away during an inspection of their workplace. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Google News

The Saudi Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs (MOMRA) said that workers who run away during inspections are in violation of the law very badly and will be fined 10,000 riyals per worker without a first warning. The workplace will also be closed for 14 days. In case of repeating the same violation, the fine doubles.

- Additionally, removing the closure notice that was put up by the authorities at the door to the business or reopening it without official permission is a serious offense that can lead to an 40,000 riyals fine.

- Moreover, not letting inspectors into rooms at work is considered as a serious violation and is punishable by an10,000 riyals fine. Trending : Tax incentives for companies moving its regional headquarters in Riyadh

- On the other hand, not selling a product or offering a service without a good reason is a less serious offense that only needs an initial warning. The business that violated the rules has 14 days to fix the problem. If it does not, it will have to pay an 3,000 riyals fine.

- Recently, Saudi Arabia's officials has stepped up its raid on illegal expatriates across the country. Thousands of people who broke the kingdom's laws have been arrested, and rules have been made to control the labor market in the country.

- Late in the Year 2020, Saudi Arabia, which has a lot of expat workers, announced labor reforms that would completely change the way the country supports workers. The changes, which took effect in March 2021, helped millions of foreign workers. Most Viewed : Annual Leave rights of an Expat worker in Saudi Arabia

- These changes make it easier for people to switch jobs and control the issuance of exit and re-entry visas for expatriate workers who don't have permission from their employers. Employee movement means that foreign workers can switch jobs when their current contract ends without their current employer's permission.

Fine on workers who escape Workplace during Inspections in Saudi Arabia -

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