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Saudi Arabia unveils new regulations of Domestic Workers

Saudi Arabia has published new regulations for hiring domestic workers, setting the worker's minimum age at 21 years. This is in an effort to protect contractual rights and improve the attractiveness of the Saudi labor market. Trending video : Penalty for selling counterfeit gold in Saudi Arabia

The new regulations states that, among other things, all dates in a domestic worker's contract are calculated using the Gregorian calendar unless the contract specifies otherwise.

- Any terms that conflict with these rules are invalid unless they are more advantageous to the worker. The new regulations were published in the kingdom's Official Gazette, Umm Al Qura.

- The revised rules also provide that payments owed to the worker or his or her heirs are regarded as first-degree debts.

- Contractual terms between the employer and the worker are governed by mandatory regulations issued by the Saudi Ministry of Human Resources, with the Arabic text serving as the official version and being translated into the official language of the employee's home country. Most Viewed : Expats prohibited from hiring domestic workers of their nationality

If the contract doesn't specify a specific end date, it will be considered renewable for an additional year from the date of the worker begins working.

- The rules stipulate that a contract must contain some key information, such as the employee's job description, the dates the contract was signed, its legality, the names, nationalities, and addresses of both parties.

- The contract must also detail the wages to be paid to the employee, the method of payment, both parties rights and obligations, a probationary period that cannot exceed 90 days, daily working hours, weekly holidays, overtime pay, the length of the contract, how it will be renewed, termination procedures, and insurance.

- It is forbidden for the same employer to put a worker under probation more than once unless both parties agree to employ the worker in a domestic labor position different from the first one. During the probationary period, both parties have the right to terminate the employment contract. Recommend : Saudi Arabia is making every effort to stop escalation in Gaza

- The new regulations limit the daily working hours for domestic workers at 10 hours, and they also grant them a weekly paid consecutive 24-hour rest period. In the meanwhile, the employer pays the employee's costs associated with hiring, changing jobs, transferring services, relocating, obtaining a work permit, and paying applicable fines.

- The passport, other personal documents, or items of the domestic worker may not be kept by the employer.

- Furthermore, the employer agrees not to abuse the employee physically, verbally, or in any other way, or to show discrimination based on race, gender, or ethnicity. The employer must also permit the domestic worker to contact his or her family, embassies, human resources companies, and appropriate agencies. See Also : Procedure to get final exit visa for stranded Indians in Saudi Arabia

- Additionally, the employer agrees to provide an appropriate place for the domestic helper to live and food, or to offer relevant allowances in their place.

- The worker is also obligated to do the task at hand, protect the employer's property, refrain from verbally or physically abusing the boss or any member of his family, and keep their personal information to themselves.

- The domestic worker is not allowed to work for themselves or for others throughout the term of the contract and is required to respect Islam, adhere to local laws and customs, and uphold Saudi society's traditions. Join Saudi Expatriates channel on Linkedin

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