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Is it possible to Transfer Car ownership for a Resident without license? Moroor response

The General Directorate of Traffic (Moroor) in Saudi Arabia revealed how to transfer the ownership of a car to others, and can it be transferred to resident who has not license or not possible? Trending : Reasons behind Travel ban in Saudi Arabia

The Moroor in Saudi Arabia explained that, the vehicle is not registered for individuals who are not permitted to drive, with the exception of a legal person, unless a designated driver with a valid driver's license is appointed to operate it.

The Saudi Moroor also unveiled the conditions for transferring vehicle ownership via Absher.

1. Both the buyer and seller must be registered on Absher platform.

2. The price of the vehicle must not be less than 5000 riyals and not more than 150000 riyals.

3. Vehicle must be in good running condition and not with the status, stopped, lost, wanted or seized. Most Viewed : Automation of monitoring vehicles without valid vehicle registration

4. Only the "private" or "private transport" type of vehicle may be purchased by residents.

5. Vehicle registration must be valid.

6. The vehicle must have valid technical inspection certificate.

7. The vehicle must have valid insurance policy.

8. Pay the Government Fees of 150 riyals  through Government payment system (SADAD).

9. There must be no violations against the buyer or the vehicle. Recommend : Saudi Arabia unveils Soudah Peaks

10. A resident expat can own only 2 cars of type private, and by a maximum of 8 seats per car.

Procedure to Follow for Vehicle Sales Service :

* The buyer inspects the vehicle, and sets the price.

* The buyer provides the seller with the new identity number and date of birth.

* Enter the seller on Absher platform, choose "Offer a vehicle for Sale" and enter the details for the sale.

* The buyer needs to open his Absher and he can Accept or Reject the sale request.

* The buyer needs to transfer the sale price to the service bank account through banking channels. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Linkedin

* Once the sale amount reaches to the service bank account, both parties will be notified to complete the vehicle delivery process.

* The seller enters through Absher, chooses to complete the sale, transfers ownership and completes the necessary procedures.

* After the successful completion of the process, the vehicle will be transferred to the buyer's ownership and the sale price will be transferred to the seller's account.

Vehicle Sales Service Fee :

The fee for concluding the sale through the Absher platform is 230 riyals, including VAT, and it is paid by the buyer. These fees are refundable if the sale is canceled for any reason. In addition to the government fees necessary to transfer vehicle ownership, which are paid through the government payments system SADAD. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Pinterest

Is it possible to Transfer Car ownership for a Resident without license Moroor response -

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