Posted by : Aahil Shaik Monday, September 18, 2023

4000 riyals fine for Smart Cab drivers on Canceling accepted trips

The smart cab drivers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who cancel trips after accepting them from customers now risk strict fines of 4,000 riyals. Trending Video : The population of Saudi Arabia as per Saudi Census

The National Information Center of the Ministry of Interior amended the rules governing the operations of guided cars, smart taxis, and taxi brokers connected to the Shomos Security System, including this punitive step.

- Smart taxi drivers are required to abide by the new amendments rules when they perform trips between cities or beyond the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

- One of major change permits smart taxi drivers to transfer their licenses from the city in which they were issued to another city as long as they receive permission from the Transport General Authority (TGA). Most Viewed : Riyadh Season 2023 with theme line 'Big Time' to begin from this date

- The modifications also exclude vehicles registered under these permits from the requirement that they be brand-new and have never been registered before, either inside or outside the Kingdom.

- For failure to transmit the necessary data to drivers or for failure to maintain ongoing connectivity to the technical systems, the new regulations impose fines of 5,000 riyals on suppliers of approved technological systems.

- The revisions also establish a fine of 4,000 riyals if the driver is unable to properly see the given departure and arrival locations prior to accepting or rejecting a trip request, in an effort to address the problem of trip cancellations by drivers after accepting requests. This will lessen the number of times when drivers cancel trips because they can't make it to the destination. Recommend : Hajj Ministry issues a Dress Code for Muslim women performing Umrah

- The new changes aim to identify and ease the difficulties faced by people in guided vehicle, smart taxi, and beneficiary activities.

- The reforms aim to increase investment prospects in these industries by streamlining procedures, lowering costs for investors, and improving the overall experience for both customers and workers. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Instagram channel

4000 riyals fine for Smart Cab drivers on Canceling accepted trips -

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