Posted by : Aahil Shaik Tuesday, August 22, 2023

An Expat arrested with 500,000 riyals in Saudi Arabia, while leaving from one of the Airport

The Economic Crimes Prosecution in Saudi Arabia has concluded its investigation into charges of money laundering against an expat who is an Asian national, according to an official source in the Public Prosecution. Trending : Procedure to perform Umrah on a family visit visa

The investigation procedures showed that the expatriate had 500,000 riyals in cash hidden in a bag while attempting to leave from one of the airports.

- After investigating the sources of the funds, it was discovered that they were obtained through crimes and violations of a number of laws.

- According to the Public Prosecution source, he was arrested because the charge against him called for imprisonment. Most Viewed : Prohibited items from carrying in flights at Saudi Airports

- The expat was then taken to the appropriate court, where proof supporting his claim was submitted to request the penalties imposed against him.

- The source highlighted the Public Prosecution's toughness in carrying out its criminal investigations into economic crimes, safeguarding financial resources, and demanding harsher penalties against anyone who violates rules and laws that might harm the domestic economy and financial security. Recommend : 4 places to get Zamzam water at Jeddah Airport

An Expat arrested with 500,000 riyals while leaving from one of the Airport -

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