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Saudi Arabia arrests 13,931 illegal expatriates within a Week - MOI

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia arrests around 13,931 violators of residency, labor laws and border security regulations from all over the country within a week. Join Saudi Expatriates WhatsApp group for latest updates direct to you

The arrests, according to the Ministry of Interior, took place during combined field operations conducted by several security force units around the Kingdom during the week of 13–19 July.

- The arrests included 2,156 labor law offenders, 4,108 border security rule violations, and 7,667 residency system violators. Trending : Umrah health insurance covers 13 cases

- 85 violators were captured while trying to cross the border out of Saudi Arabia, while another 874 persons were detained while attempting to enter the Kingdom, of which 79% were Yemenis, 18% were Ethiopians, and 3% were from other nationalities.

- Nine people who engaged in cover-up activities, as well as transporting and harboring people in violation of residency and employment laws, were detained.

- Procedures for breaking rules are now being applied to a total of 37,363 violators, 31,008 of whom are men and 6,355 of whom are women. Most Viewed : A fine of up to 900 riyals on a vehicle owner on this violation

- Of them, 8,549 violators were deported, 4,145 were directed to finalize their trip arrangements, and 28,001 were directed to their diplomatic missions to get travel documents.

- The Ministry of Interior made it clear that anyone who helps an infiltrator enter the Kingdom or provides him with transportation, lodging, or any other kind of assistance or service will be punished with up to 15 years in prison, a maximum fine of SR1 million, as well as the confiscation of the infiltrator's means of transportation and lodging. Recommend : Iqama issuance and renewal fee in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia arrests 13,931 illegal expatriates within a Week - MOI -

Saudi Arabia arrests 13,931 illegal expatriates within a Week - MOI -

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