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A Saudi man wakes from Coma after 4 years, surprised by all Changes

Fares Abu Batin, a Saudi man who spent four years in a coma, awoke to a world that had changed beyond his wildest dreams in what can be compared to a true story of time travel. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Threads

In an interview with Al Arabiya TV, Fares described the unexpected changes he encountered after regaining consciousness, bringing the amazing story to light.

- In September 2019, Fares and his two brothers were hurt in a terrible car accident that involved hitting a camel. This is how Fares' journey began. See Also : A Saudi man did not sleep for nearly 40 years

- His two brothers tragically passed away, and Fares, who was seriously hurt and only had a small 9% chance of surviving, fell into a coma. He stayed in the hospital until March 20, 2023, unconscious.

- When Fares initially became mindful, one of his first actions was to request the Quran, which he then read from beginning to end. But as he became reacquainted with his surroundings, he was astonished by the profound changes that had occurred while he had been comatose. Fares said, "I observed many social changes, and I thought urban development in the country rather substantial.

- The news of the COVID-19 epidemic, which he had never heard of and couldn't understand, was one of the most unexpected things. "I was taken aback when I woke up following a number of events, including the pandemic's emergence. When someone told me about COVID-19 or the "corona pandemic," I was confused and watched movies on YouTube, Fares recalled. Recommend : 4 kids found alive in a forest, after 40 days of their plane crash

- Fares was also pleasantly surprised to see that his wife had found work and had been caring for their children alone while he was in coma, which lasted for 4 years.

- As people told tales of explorers and astronauts from the Kingdom, he was equally thrilled about the advancements in Saudi Arabia. See Also : Death of 5 people in Titan submarine implosion

A Saudi man wakes from Coma after 4 years, surprised by all Changes -

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