Posted by : Aahil Shaik Friday, June 16, 2023

Update from Ministry of Health on Automatic Sick Leave and Travel

The Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia update the Corona virus precautionary measures on Thursday and canceled the granting of automatic sick leave when infected with Covid-19, after the end of the global emergency. Join Saudi Expatriates on imo messenger

The Ministry explained that if a person shows the symptoms of Covid-19, he can use the virus self-examination device at home, instead of visiting the test centers to check on his health.

- If a person is infected with a respiratory infection of Covid-19, then his sick leave is granted to him by the doctor, as per his health condition requirement, and it is no more automatic. Trending : The first day of the Dhu Al-Hijjah month, as per astronomic calculations

- Earlier this, the Ministry of Interior in Saudi Arabia announced that, Saudi citizens are now allowed to travel abroad without the requirement of Corona vaccine, while continuing to follow up on the epidemiological conditions.

- The Ministry of Interior added that, this is based on what was submitted by the competent health authorities regarding the stabilization of the epidemiological situation in the Kingdom and worldwide. Thanks to God and the unlimited support of the wise leadership of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Most Viewed : King Salman orders hosting of 1000 Palestinian pilgrims for Hajj

Update from Ministry of Health on Automatic Sick Leave and Travel -

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