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Ministry's department resolves the case of 254 workers filed against their Company

The labor dispute involving 254 workers of various nationalities and their employer was successfully resolved thanks particularly to the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (MHRSD) of Saudi Arabia. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Google News

Following the filing of a group action lawsuit by the employees against their employer, the field team of the Amicable Settlement Department at the ministry's branch in the Riyadh region immediately jumped into action to negotiate a settlement.

- The Wudi system's settlement includes dissolving the workers affiliation with the company and paying back overdue on their salaries and fringe benefits. Through a series of friendly resolution meetings between the parties involved in the dispute, the labor dispute was successfully resolved. Recommend : Employer to bear all these fees related to expat workers in Saudi Arabia

- According to the local media, the ministry's branch in Riyadh stated that the Amicable Settlement Departments generally receive cases involving disputes over work contracts, wages, rights, work injuries and compensation, vacation allowances, as well as disputes over everything related to work and the terms of contracts that had been reached between companies and employees.

- In order to to resolve disagreements amicably and safeguard the interests of both parties to the contractual relationship, the ministry works through the Department of Amicable Settlement.

- The ministry places a high priority on creating a safe working environment for all employees and employers as well as resolving conflicts between the two sides and stabilizing their relationship on the one hand, and putting an end to labor concerns in all establishments on the other. Most Viewed : Saudi Arabia to welcome International Hajj pilgrims form 6 airports

- Through its official website, the ministry also fully automated the amicable settlement services, including the service of electronically submitting the case.

Ministry's department resolves the case of 254 workers filed against their Company -

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