Posted by : Aahil Shaik Sunday, April 30, 2023

Pilgrims must fulfil 4 conditions to carry Zamzam via Jeddah Airport

Four requirements have been set up by the King Abdulaziz International Airport (KAIA) in Jeddah for the pilgrims who wish to bring Zamzam water with them. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Google News

In an infographic posted on its official Twitter handle, the Jeddah Airport (JED) stated that pilgrims returning to their home countries should

1. Carry the Zamzam bottles and do not place inside your baggage.

2. Zamzam must be purchased from the primary selling locations for packaging shipping operations. Only 5-liter bottles are permitted to carry through KAIA airport. See Also : Zamzam water sales locations as per National Water Company

3. On a condition that they show proof of Umrah registration through the Nusuk application or platform.

4. Pilgrims departing on international flights from Jeddah Airport are permitted to bring one Zamzam bottle.

- Earlier this, The King Abdulaziz International Airport reminds every passenger that, taxis are available at Terminal 1 for your service around the clock with the following features.

* An electronic calculator to calculate the cost of the trip.

* Invoice print with the invoice number that shows the name of the company the tax registry and the cost of the transportation. Recommend : Free Hajj offered to an elderly Pakistani man who wen viral on social media during his visit to Madina

* Live tracking, a screen showing a map of the vehicle's tracks, movements, stops and total operating hours, in addition to the vehicle's speed.

* Electronic payment systems, by cards and smart devices.

Jeddah International Airport calls on all the passengers to ease your travel procedures by the following.

1. Ensure your luggage is compatible with the allowed weight on the flight ticket.

2. Issue a boarding pass online before arriving at the airport. See Also : Update from Jeddah International Airport for travelers

3. Bring your passport for international flights or identity card for local flights.

4. Arrive at the airport in sufficient time, 2 hours before for domestic flights and 3 hours before for international flights.

Pilgrims must fulfil 4 conditions to carry Zamzam via Jeddah Airport -

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