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Riyadh Bus announces its operating times during Ramadan 2023

The Riyadh Bus Network revealed its bus operating times during the blessed month of Ramadan 2023 (1444), stating that Riyadh buses to operate from 7:30 AM until 3:30 AM during the holy month Ramadan. Join Saudi Expatriates channel on imo messenger

The first phase of the "Riyadh Bus" service was officially launched last Sunday, within the King Abdulaziz Project for Public Transport, as per the Royal Commission for the City of Riyadh. In this phase, the Riyadh Bus network is with a total of 86 routes and is operating more than 340 buses, serving passengers at 633 bus stations and stopping spots, and using 15 lanes.

- A "Riyadh Bus" ticket costs 4 riyals and is valid for 2 hours, beginning with the first entry on one of the buses or by activating the ticket through the application. During this time, it is possible to transfer to another bus using the same ticket. Trending : Jawazat working hours during Ramadan 2023

- The ticket purchase mechanism has also been made easier to take advantage of the service and to keep up with the needs of all passengers by offering a variety of options. Using the "Darb Card" for the service, or through the application, or vending machines at the bus stops, or by paying the value of the tickets on the bus using bank cards and smart devices, children up to the age of 6 years are free of charge.

- The "Riyadh Bus" project, which was developed as one of the strategic projects intended to serve the city's travel needs, make a quantum leap in the public transport sector, strengthen the interconnection of parts of the capital, and improve the quality of life for its residents and visitors. Operating phases will gradually follow, according to the authority. There are 5 successive steps to the service.

- By the completion of the five phases, the "Riyadh Bus" network will stretch 1,900 km, it has more than 800 buses operating through 86 lanes, and serve more than 2,900 bus stops and stopping spots. Recommend : Know all about Riyadh Bus Network

- The "Riyadh Bus" service will assist in facilitating movement for all aspects of society by reducing the need for private vehicle use and utilizing buses as a means of getting to work, school, and leisure destinations. This will lessen traffic congestion in Riyadh.

- According to the authority, the electronic portal, which offers a variety of alternatives for customers to learn about bus routes and the procedure for purchasing tickets, was established in connection with the debut of the "Riyadh Bus" service. Also, the "Riyadh Bus application" was introduced, which offers a variety of services, including the ability to buy tickets directly. See Also : Riyadh Bus discount cards, seats for families and it is prohibited to eat in the bus

Riyadh Bus announces its operating times during Ramadan 2023 -

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