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Ministry of Interior sets the Penalty for anyone who disrespects the National Flag

The Ministry of Interior in Saudi Arabia has set the penalty for anybody who disrespects the Saudi national flag, any royal emblems, or the flags of friendly foreign nations in any way. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Google News

Anyone who disrespects the national flag, the royal flag, or any other emblem of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or a friendly foreign country in any way, whether in public or a place open to the public, will be punished, according to a statement from the interior ministry.

- The statement further said this includes doing so openly or behind the closed doors. A person who dishonors a public space or a location that is accessible to the general public faces a year in prison and a fine of up to 3,000 riyals. See Also : Saudi Arabia is celebrating its Flag Day for the first time in its history

- It is notable that the Kingdom is celebrating Today (March 11) the anniversary of Flag Day, which serves as a symbol of the leadership and people's unity, strength, and cohesion as well as their pride in their blessed nation.

- Saudi Arabian cities and regions commemorated Flag Day Today, which is a source of pride for all Saudi citizens.

Saudi Arabia's flag flutters over the 2nd tallest flagpole in the World :

The second-tallest flagpole in the world, which is situated on Al-Andalus Street in Jeddah, flutters the Saudi flag in the air. Recommend : World's Tallest Flag pole

- The area of the flag was around 1635 meters, while the pole measured 171 meters in length. It has a length of 28 meters and is made up of 12 iron components in addition to bases and pillars. A specialized group of engineers designed electrical systems for the flagpole to track wind speed, direction, humidity, and other weather data.

- The flagpole also features an internal fire extinguishing system and aircraft warning lighting. The two swords and palm tree that make up the kingdom's largest emblem are located on the flagpole's floor, and 13 lighting poles that stand in for the kingdom's regions surround it. Most Viewed : Saudi Arabia and Iran agrees to resume its relations and open its embassies

Ministry of Interior sets the Penalty for anyone who disrespects the National Flag -

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