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Fine for not giving the priority to Emergency Vehicles in Saudi Arabia

The General Directorate of Traffic (Moroor) in Saudi Arabia has confirmed that, it is must for everyone to give priority to emergency vehicles. Those who not give priority to emergency vehicles in the Kingdom are violating the traffic law.

Saudi Moroor stated that, such violations will be fined from 1,000 riyals to 2,000 riyals. According to the Article 54 of the Traffic Law, the priority passage must be given to the emergency vehicles while carrying out their missions, or for official processions or emergency convoy vehicles.

- Earlier this, Your Safety Initiative platform stated the importance of giving way to the emergency vehicles. stating that, assistance of emergency vehicles and clearing the way may be a reason to save a life. Read more : 3 regulations of photography to be followed inside the Two Holy Mosque

- The platform said the correct behavior in dealing with emergency vehicles includes giving way to the left land, if it is a non-crowded road. In case of congestion on the road, people move to the far right or left on the road consisting of two lanes. While for the roads with lanes or more, vehicles move in the right and middle lanes to the far right, which vehicles move in the left lane to the far left.

- The Saudi Moroor clarified that when emergency vehicles and official processions were heard, the driver of the vehicle at the crossroads or intersection of roads, must immediately vacate his place so that those vehicles could take their way without the slightest obstruction, as per the Article 54/8 of the Traffic Law.

- This came in response to an inquiry from one of the Saudi national asking, Would you record a violation if the traffic car was not cleared. Most Viewed : Meanings behind the colorful sign boards of Saudi Arabia

- If the driver was standing at a traffic light, he must give way in a safe way that does not pose a danger to him and other drivers, to a distance that allows the emergency vehicle to pass the intersection, without the following or overtaking it while performing the task.

- The Saudi Traffic department said, if this disclosure lead to it being photographed by the automatic monitoring device, the entity operating the law will review it before registration and if a violation of crossing the signal is recorded on it, then it has the right to review the authority for adjudication of traffic violations in the Traffic department in the same city of registration of the violation and request its cancellation if it is proven that, it was registered, as he made way for an emergency vehicle running behind him. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Twitter

Fine for not giving the priority to Emergency Vehicles in Saudi Arabia -

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