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Seasonal Influenza is stronger than last two years, 4 categories have to Vaccinated - Ministry of Health

The spokesperson of the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia, Dr. Muhammad Al-Abdali said that there are millions of cases around the world who enters intensive care unit due to the seasonal influenza. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Linkedin

During his speech on the Ministry of Health page, he said that there are 4 categories that must take the seasonal influenza vaccine,

1. Pregnant Women

3. People with chronic diseases and

4. Elderly people.

- He added that the activity of seasonal influenza during these days is more stronger than in the past 2 years, stating that the seasonal influenza vaccine protects by 80% from severe symptoms, which may lead to death.

- Primary health care centers in all regions and governorates of Saudi Arabia provides the Influenza vaccination. Book your appointment and protect yourself and your family. May Allah (SWT) protect everyone and keep you healthy.

- Al-Abdali explained the steps for obtaining the seasonal influenza vaccine from the Ministry of Health.

* Enter the My Health (Sehhaty) application See Also : MOH allows rescheduling and cancellation of appointments in Sehhaty app

* Choose the Influenza Virus Vaccine then

* Select a date for taking the vaccine and

* Visit the vaccination center to take your Influenza vaccine.

- The spokesperson of the Ministry of Health continued and said taking the corona vaccination did not affect the human immunity to infection with seasonal influenza.

- He said that, there is an increase in emergency cases of influenza, and we have monitored it in intensive care units, including its number of infected cases. We called everyone to quickly take the influenza vaccine to protect them from severe complications.

- Influenza activity during the past two years was low during the peak of corona pandemic, and now there is an increase in infections, we must follow preventive measures. Recommend : Do not work at night, know its effects on your health

Seasonal Influenza is stronger than past 2 years, 4 categories have to Vaccinated - MOH -

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