Posted by : Aahil Shaik Thursday, November 24, 2022

Jeddah Municipality continues its efforts to withdraw rainwater and remove road waste

The Municipality of Jeddah continues its efforts to withdraw the rainwater that fell extremely during the past hours, in addition to removing waste from public roads. Join Saudi Expatriates

A group of photos monitored the GAM's efforts to withdraw rainwater, which turned the streets of the governorates into valleys.

- Today (Thursday) rainwater gathered in the streets of Jeddah, at a time when studies were suspended in schools and universities due to bad weather conditions. Read : Riyadh Seasons crosses 4 million visitors

- The rainwater level rose in the streets until it covered the tires of the cars and reached some of the entrances of the houses.

- According to the Meteorological Center, the weather condition in Jeddah continues and that it is working on continuous coordination with all agencies operating in the field, as per the approved procedure for dealing with weather phenomena. Recommend : Oh God! save Jeddah and its people

- The expert at the Meteorological Center, Aqil Al-Aqeel advised that, people of eastern Jeddah governorate to stay away from valleys and water pools and follow the instructions of civil defense in such cases, as well as to stay away from lighting poles.

- Since last Saturday, we expected moderate to heavy rains on the coasts of Jeddah governorate, and this what happened Today, the rains were heavy in the early morning hours, over most of the governorate, he added.

- Al-Aqil continued and said, we recorded very heavy amounts of precipitation Today, which is higher than the amounts of rain that was recorded in the year 2009. Most Viewed : Indian cancels Air Suvidha form for international travelers

Jeddah Municipality continues its efforts to withdraw rainwater and remove road waste -

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