Posted by : Aahil Shaik Wednesday, November 2, 2022

65 years Jail term and fines of more than 29 million riyal for these 11 offenders - Saudi Public Prosecution

The Public Prosecution in Saudi Arabia said that the investigations of Finance Prosecution ended with the accusation of 11 individuals and commercial entities of forming an organized criminal formation for the purpose of stealing public money. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Linkedin

The in-depth investigation procedures revealed that the above mentioned stole government subsidized diesel, buying it in large quantities, taking advantage of their ownership of fuel filling stations and illegally reselling it to people smuggling it out of the Kingdom and selling it to other countries. Trending : Saudi Economy is the fastest growing in the region - World Bank

- The investigations also revealed that the above mentioned had committed a number of other crimes including, money laundering, forgery, cover-up and violating the banking control system, and they were arrested and referred to the competent court to demand the penalties prescribed in this regard.

- A judicial ruling was issued containing the conviction of the violators of what assigned to them, and sentencing them to jail term of total of 65 years, the seizure of objects and assets used in this crime, the proceeds from them and the means by which they were committed.

- The ruling also penalized them with financial fines exceeding 29 million riyals, prohibiting commercial entities from contracting with public authorities, canceling the permits for gas stations belonging to the violators and deporting expatriates from the Kingdom after the end of their sentences. Most Viewed : Penalty for intentionally damaging public facilities in Saudi Arabia

65 years Jail term and fines of more than 29 million riyal for these 11 offenders - Public Prosecution

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