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3 Arab countries have most Diabetes, 5 signs that indicate diabetes

A diabetes and endocrinology consultant in Saudi Arabia, Dr. Raghda Al-Harthy said that there are 3 Arab countries that have most diabetic cases and they are Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait. Join Saudi Expatriates on Telegram channel

While speaking on Al-Ekhbariya TV, she said that, diabetes is the fourth most common cause of death among various diseases, as it causes death globally, whether directly or indirectly. Read : 6 foods that can risk your heart health

Five signs that appears suddenly indicates Diabetes

- A recent study revealed the sudden signs of diabetes, which require a doctor's consultation in order to prevent the patient from developing the condition.

- The most important of these problems are genital itching, which is one of the signs of thrush. Yeast infections can be common in diabetics, as sugar helps in candida overgrowth, and the NHS says those with poorly controlled diabetes may suffer from the condition.

- This is due to the high levels of sugar in the blood also mean high levels in other parts of the body like sweat, saliva and urine and yeast can grow, which means patients end up with thrush.

- The second sign is cuts and sores, specifically because often if you have diabetes, your immune system may not be able to control skin wounds and infections, as per the health experts. Recommend : A health specialist warns against taking excessive sugar intake

- High blood sugar can alter blood chemistry in ways that lower the body's defenses and make the immune system work slower. They noted that, cuts and sores would take longer to heal.

- For many people with diabetes, this often went to foot ulcers, and your doctor will be able to help you treat it.

- Blurry vision is also a common symptom in people with diabetes. Experts said diabetes can damage the macula (or yellow spot), the center of the retina that provides straight vison. See Also : The lower your weight less pressure on your vital organs

- If you have uncontrolled diabetes, you may have leaky blood vessels, which can lead to blurred or distorted vision. While skin disorders are frequent among diabetic due to the high levels of sugar in the blood, which affects blood vessels and nerves.

3 Arab countries have most Diabetes, 5 signs that indicate diabetes -

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