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11 new Saudization decisions before the end of this year 2022 - Minister of Human Resources and Social Development

The Minister of Human Resources and Social Development in Saudi Arabia, Eng. Ahmed bin Sulaiman Al-Rajhi announced that the ministry is targeting 11 new Saudization decisions before the end of this year 2022. Subscribe to YouTube channel of Saudi Expatriates

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (MHRSD) includes occupations like Project Management professions, Procurement professions and Food & Drug sector professions said the Minister during his meeting with the businessmen and women at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Riyadh.

- Al-Rajhi said that Saudization decisions for sectors, activities and professions contributed to the increase in the number of Saudi nationals working in the private sector to over 2.13 million male and female citizens.

- The unemployment rate of Saudi citizens reduced to 9.7% with the high participation of 35.6% of the economy for women, praising the national efforts made by the private sector in employing citizens and differentiate the partnership with businessmen and women to achieve the goals of the Saudi Vision 2030.

- He added that, the compliance rate of private sector companies with Saudi Labor Law and its regulations reached 98% during the current year 2022. More than 74% of labor cases resolved amicably through the management of friendly settlement of labor disputes without going to courts.

- While the compliance rate of Wage Protection System has reached nearly 80%, over 3.8 million work contracts have been documents in Tawtheeq program and the contracts uploaded online, making sure that the worker and employer receive a copy of a document and regular contract.

- Al-Rajhi referred to the automation of the ministry's services as part of an ambitious project for digital transformation. The number of services provided through Qiwa platform reached to 127, serving more than 3 million users and more than 1 million companies.

- Qiwa platform providing more than 700,000 services per month to beneficiaries without the need to visit service offices, explaining that the ministry expanded the services of Musaned platform from one service to more than 35 with 100% automated services, serving over 2 million beneficiaries.

- The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Riyadh Chamber, Ajlan Al-Ajlan in his speech highlighted that the private sector is a major supporter and participant in achieving the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030 at all levels, the most important of which are Saudization program and job creation. Private sector in partnership and integration with MHRSD has contributed to Saudization programs to reduce unemployment.

11 new Saudization decisions before the end of year 2022 - Minister of Human Resources -

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