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Tourist visa allows performing Umrah and enjoying historical atmosphere of Jeddah and Islamic landmarks

Saudi Arabia opened its doors to visitors from all over the world with the launch of electronic tourist visa in September 2019, since it has become available for all visitors and tourists to use their visa for tourism activities and visit attractive destinations in different cities and regions of the Kingdom and discover the hospitality of the Saudi people.

Muslim visa holders can perform Umrah after registering for permit in Eatmarna application and the visa system constituted a milestone in the entry of tourists to the Kingdom, allowing visitors from all over the world to learn about the ancient heritage, vibrant culture and picturesque natural areas, from the mountains of Abha and Taif to the beaches of Jeddah all the way to Al-Ahsa and then Riyadh the beating heart of the country.

- With the arrival of the blessed month Ramadan, the pilgrims coming to perform Umrah, the bride of the Red Sea city of Jeddah began to receive large numbers of these pilgrims to enjoy the distinctive Ramadan atmosphere, especially its historical area known as Al-Balad, full of heritage stories and the fragrance of history, which is one of the World Heritage sites inscribed on the UNESCO list.

- The historical area of Al-Balad or Jeddah is characterized by many monuments and archaeological and heritage buildings, all of which represent a journey of corridors of history that a tourist can take, which still carries within its walls the heritage and culture of its inhabitants, which gave it a special fragrance, including Ramadan customs and traditions of the people of Jeddah, with all that it bears cultural specificity, attracting pilgrims, especially from Egypt and other Arab countries, due to the similarity of atmospheres, cultures and customs.

- Jeddah is also characterized by distinctive Ramadan customs. Historic Jeddah is the most appropriate place to experience Ramadan customs and traditions of Hejaz region, where its streets are crowded with visitors to enjoy its unique atmosphere, as well as the spread of stalls that sell traditional Ramadan foods, with their vendors wearing the traditional clothing of the region. It shine increases with their popular songs, to encourage visitors to try local foods and many of these vendors practice this sale only during the holy month and large number of tourists and visitors come to visit and eat their food daily, the most famous dishes are balila, liver and a wide variety of Ramadan juices. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Linkedin

- Jeddah attracts thousands of pilgrims, as it is a gateway of the Two Holy Mosques as well as its proximity to the holy capital Makkah, with the availability of all means of transportation, ease of movement between two cities, starting with the Al-Haramain train, which nearly takes 20 minutes, with the availability of buses and taxis whose journey time is less than an hour.

- Tourist visa helped attract more pilgrims, visitors and tourists from more than 49 countries. Multiple Kingdoms throughout the year, as long as the period does not exceed 90 days.

- The 'Spirit of Saudi' also provides tourists, visitors with all information and services around the clock through its various platforms that speak 8 languages, in addition to establishing an integrated center for tourist care by calling 930.

Tourist visa allows performing Umrah and enjoying historical atmosphere of Jeddah and Islamic landmarks -

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