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License must to run e-stores of Businesses warns Saudi Ministries

The Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in Saudi Arabia explained that e-stores that want to sell their products online must apply for a registration certificate from the Ministry of Commerce or a freelance license from Freelance Platform, which is run by Human Resources Ministry.

Both the ministries in the Kingdom highlighted that online store must comply with e-commerce requirements and the provisions of e-commerce law in order to protect consumer rights.

- The e-Commerce Council highlighted the importance of applying for a business registration certificate for individuals who are engaged in e-commerce activities for continuing to practice it legally. Similar : Ministry warns of fake and unknown e-stores that defraud shoppers

- To respect consumer rights, the Council said that business registration certificates could be issued online. If the applicant's business activity necessitates a license from another government entity, the applicant must meet those requirements as well, reported Saudi Gazette.

- The Council explained that this step is needed to increase the trustworthiness of e-commerce transactions, as well as to defend consumer and merchant rights, besides removing counterfeit businesses.

- Recently, the Ministry has noticed several cases of non-compliance and violation of consumer rights, beside fraudulent practices perpetrated by some e-stores run by individuals who do not have a registration certificate. See Also : Expat workers arrested for converting apartment into a fake products business factory

- As per the Council, the stores who received a registration certificate must impose the following 13 standards of reliability in e-commerce, which are as follows

1. Provide a contact number for communication

2. Provide an email for communication

4. Provide secure e-payment through official banking channels.

5. Allow customers to lodge a complaint online

6. Allow customers to lodge a complaint through social media.

7. Mention the exact time to respond a complaint.

8. Mention the exact time of processing a complaint.

9. Specify the time of delivery before completing the purchase and mentioned this information in the invoice.

10. Allow Arabic language as an option for filing a complaint.

12. Display products in Arabic.

13. Write a clear return or refund policy.

License must to run e-stores of Businesses warns Saudi Ministries -

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