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Saudi Arabia's soul purely based on its Culture and Islam - Saudi Crown Prince MBS

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense explained that the soul of Saudi Arabia lies on a set views and beliefs that are based on Islam and Saudi Arabia's tribal and Arab culture. Download Saudi Expatriates app from Google Play Store

During his interview with The Atlantic, Saudi Crown Prince said, Our country is founded on this and if we get rid of it, the country may collapse. Saudi Arabia is not undervalue any of its beliefs as they represent its soul.

- The Prince continued that, The Holy Mosques are in Saudi Arabia an n one can remove it, we have a responsibility towards it forever and we want to take our country on the right path for the sake of our people, for the sake of region, for the sake of whole world based on our belief in peace and harmony and the need for us to add value to the rest of the world. Trending : Do you want Biden to know something that he might not know about you, "Simply, I don't care" - MBS

- Saudi Arabia is going back to the real teachings of Islam, the way that the Prophet and the four Rightly Guided caliphs lived, which was open and peaceful societies. They had Christians and Jews living under their rule, Mohammed bin Salman added.

- He said that, They taught us to respect all cultures, religions, regardless. These teachings of the Prophet and the 4 Caliphs - they were perfect. We are going back to the root, to the real thing.

- The Saudi Crown Prince stated that, What happened was the extremists hijacked and changed our religion into something new for their own interests. They are trying to make people view Islam their way and the issue was that there was no one arguing with them, no one fighting against them seriously. So they had the chance to spread all these extremist views, which led to the creation of the most extreme terrorist groups, both in Sunni and Shiite worlds. Most Viewed : Saudi Crown Prince announces Trojena project in Neom

- The Crown Prince said that he was not using the Moderate Islam term as this would make some people happy. It's good news for them if we use the term. If we say Moderate Islam, the suggestion is that we in Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries are changing Islam into something new, which is not true.

Saudi Arabia's soul purely based on its Culture and Islam - Saudi Crown Prince MBS -

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