Posted by : Aahil Shaik Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Saudi Arabia announced new Gasoline prices for January 2022 and the new prices comes into effect from Today

The Aramco Oil Company in Saudi Arabia announced its review of the new fuel prices for the January 2022, according to the international prices, which applied starting Today (11th January 2022).

Saudi Aramco is responsible for updating fuel prices periodically every month on 10th, and it will effects from 11th of the month. So that consumers are not affected by fluctuations in oil prices for export.

- Therefore, all citizens and residents of the Kingdom must follow by the application of the new gasoline prices in all local markets of the Kingdom. Related : Saudi Arabia has fixed the maximum local price ceiling for Gasoline

Saudi Arabia announces new Gasoline prices for January 2022 effecting from 11th January until 10th February :

Gasoline (91) : 2.18 Saudi Riyals

Gasoline (95) : 2.33 Saudi Riyals

Diesel : 0.63 Saudi Riyals

LPG : 0.75 Saudi Riyals

- Aramco always advises the people to use the appropriate fuel for their cars, given that 91 gasoline is suitable for most modern cars in the Kingdom. While 95 gasoline is more suitable for high-performance cars, and the company called the users to refer their car dealership at any time, if they are not sure of the fuel suitable for their car.

- Aramco warns against using gasoline with an octane number lower than the recommended by the car dealership, as it may risk and damage the need of the car for the long run.

- So why, It is not safe to use low-octane fuel for a high-performance vehicle that requires higher octane fuel, while there is no damage to the engine when using higher-octane fuel. In case you use a fuel with a higher octane than the recommended in your owner's manual, the car will not be affected and you may not likely to feel any change. See Also : Women in Saudi Arabia can now apply for becoming Taxi drivers

- The review of fuel prices in Saudi Arabia is carried out on a regular basis, due to the consumer being affected by fluctuations that occur in export prices. Aramco also adjusts the prices of Gasoline, Oil and Energy products as per the governance procedures for adjusting prices.

- The Ministry of Commerce highlighted that all petrol stations selling fuel must stick to the new prices set by Aramco, pointing out that there is a supervisory body on the ground that inspects prices in all regions of the Kingdom. Like and Follow Saudi Expatriates on Facebook

Saudi Arabia announced new Gasoline prices for January 2022 -

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