Posted by : Aahil Shaik Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Jeddah Municipality seizes a Gold factory run by Illegal expat workers

The Jeddah Municipality (Amanah Jeddah) in Saudi Arabia has raided a site in violation of the smelting and gold industry run by illegal expat workers, and all seizures were taken by the authority at the site in the "Al-Kandarah" district in Jeddah.

The Municipality explained that the supervisory teams seized the factory dedicated to manufacture of gold, and the seizures containing machines related to the work of melting and casting gold, and a laser device for redrawing and engraving gold products were taken by the authority, and all legal measures were taken in this regard. Similar : Nearly 1.05 million expats left Saudi Arabia since the beginning of Expat levy fee

- The Jeddah Municipality is also called on Saudi citizens and resident expats to cooperate with it by reporting municipal violations through the Communications Center 940 or through the Baladi Application, highlighting the increase of its field tours to control municipal violations and remove visual distortions.

- Earlier this, The official spokesman for the Jeddah Municipality, Muhammad Al-Baqmi, stated that during the last year, about 256,6270 inspection tours were carried out on commercial and health facilities, in order to ensure the implementation of municipal requirements and to raise the percentage of compliance. Recommend : Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Commerce allows to correct the status for violators of anti-cover-up system

- He added that 108,625 health certificates were issued and renewed for workers in health activities, and 18,685 food samples were examined to ensure the safety of food provided to residents and visitors.

- Al-Baqmi stated that the Municipality continues, through its monitoring rounds, to follow up on the application of health requirements in food establishments.

- A number of smart programs through the “Baladi” application made it easier for the users to issue and print the health certificate without the need to review the secretariat or the municipality, by linking the results of the medical examination to the health platform online. Where the beneficiary can perform the medical examination in licensed health facilities and the result of the examination electronically on the platform, through the Baladi platform. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Telegram

Jeddah Municipality seizes a Gold factory run by Illegal expat workers -

Jeddah Municipality seizes a Gold factory run by Illegal expat workers -

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