Posted by : Aahil Shaik Friday, January 21, 2022

Cold wave freezes the tear of Camel in Turaif of Saudi Arabia, Watch in the Video

Social media users made a video clip viral by circulating it and showing the severity of the cold and frost wave that the Saudi Arabia's regions are currently witnessing. It caused tears to freeze in the camel's eyes, a view that many did not believe. Like and Follow Saudi Expatriates

The circulating video clip showed tears freezing in the eyes of camels in Turaif of Saudi Arabia, after the temperature dropped below zero degrees Celsius recently, as per Al Arabiya news. Trending : Air navigation in Saudi Arabia is safe from interference with 5G mobile networks - CITC

- The National Center of Meteorology had issued an alert to the people of the Riyadh and Al-Qassim regions, of temperatures may dip as low as -3 degrees below zero on Friday and Saturday.

- According to the specialist at the National Center of Meteorology, Aqeel Al-Aqeel, in "Al-Youm" program on Al-Ekhbariya channel, cold air mass continues in the north of the Kingdom, but the temperatures begin to rise gradually, Where the city of Turaif recorded -6 degrees below zero two days ago, and at Thursday dawn, it recorded -1 degree.

- He added that the cold bloc will move towards the Eastern and Central regions of the Kingdom, starting next Saturday or Sunday, it will move towards the southern regions. Recommend : Saudi Arabia tops in the list of most powerful armies in the Gulf

Cold wave freezes the tear of Camel in Turaif, Watch in the Video -

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