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Booster dose is now available to the age group of 16 years and above, Active  Corona cases reached 3,056

The Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia announced that the booster dose of the Corona vaccine is now available for the age group of 16 years and above, after 3 months of taking the second dose.

Earlier, the Ministry of Health confirmed that vaccination against the emerging corona virus for children is safe and effective, highlighting that there are 5 million children around the world who have received the Corona vaccine.

- The ministry explained that clinical trials have proven the effectiveness and safety of Corona vaccines on the age group 5 to 11 years, and they have been approved by several authorities. Trending : Saudi Customs resolves the controversy on possibility of importing Christmas Tree in the Kingdom

- The official spokesperson for the Ministry of Health, Dr. Muhammad Al-Abdali said that with regard to international classifications issued, praise be to God, that the Kingdom ranked among the safest countries to travel to, and there are countries that ranked the Kingdom among the countries with the most recovery rate from the pandemic, and the optimal handling of the pandemic.

- During the press conference, He added that with regard to transparency, the Kingdom, thank God, announces its numbers in all transparency, on a permanent and continuous basis, and if the numbers of infections come down, we announce them, and if the numbers rise, we announce them as well.

- Al-Abdali gives important advice to confront the corona virus and its variants, he said complete receiving the corona vaccination and get the due dose and whoever completed 3 months after second dose should take booster dose. Recommend : India and Saudi Arabia Air bubble agreement effective from 1st January

- He also highlighted the importance of checking health status, cleaning hands on permanent basis, ensuring that places are ventilated, and those who have a period of quarantine stick to it until it ends.

- He added that, vaccination of children and its campaign for the age group of 5 years and above has begun in the Kingdom, pointing out that, it started for those who have a special priority with regard to their health conditions and then expansion begins with giving vaccinations to the rest of the children.

- Today, Saudi Arabia recorded 389 corona cases, 124 recoveries and 1 death during the past 24 hours and on 26th December, after which total corona cases in Saudi Arabia reaches 552,795 of them 540,868 recovered with 8,871 deaths. Read : One of the right of the domestic worker is to work inside the home

- Active corona cases in the Kingdom jumps to 3,056 of them 33 are critical and are receiving treatment in intensive cares. Riyadh tops in active cases with 581, Jeddah with 404, Makkah with 349, while Madina has 131 active cases.

- Saudi Arabia administered more than 49.62 million (49,620,250) doses of corona vaccine all over the Kingdom through its 587 vaccination centers, Of them 1,597,138 are booster doses and the elderly people received 1,732,570 doses.

- The health ministry stated that more than 23 million (23,070,341) people received two doses of corona vaccine, while 24.95 million (24,952,771) people received only one dose of vaccine against corona virus. Join Saudi Expatriates Whatsapp group

Booster dose is now available to the age group of 16 years and above, Active cases reached 3,056 -

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