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Two vaccines approved in Saudi Arabia for the 3rd Booster dose - Ministry of Health

The official spokesman for the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia, Dr. Muhammad Al-Abdali, said that there are two Coronavirus vaccines which are approved in the Kingdom for the booster dose (3rd dose).

During the press conference held by the Ministry Today, Al-Abdali said that "Pfizer" and "Moderna" are the approved vaccines for the booster (third) dose. He explained that it is important to take the 3rd restoring dose to improve immunity levels, stating that those who have spent 6 months since receiving the 2nd dose should take the third stimulating dose.

- The health spokesman confirmed that the side effects of the third dose are no different from the first and second doses. He added that the Corona virus has spread in some international countries, due to the failure to receive the third “Booster” dose. See Also : Traffic penalty for crossing valleys and reefs during their flow in Saudi Arabia

- He highlighted that everyone should take the third dose to enhance societal immunity, noting that some countries of the world are witnessing a rise in infections with the Corona virus, and imposed closures and additional precautionary measures.

- He said that the measures taken by the Kingdom prevented the return of other waves of the corona virus, stressing the continued commitment to preventive measures.

- Today, The Kingdom announced just 30 new corona infections, 73 recoveries and 2 deaths, raising the total infections to 549,222 of which 538,274 recovered with 8,813 deaths due to the complications with the virus. Recommend : Public Transport Authority allows use of full seats capacity of buses within cities

- Active cases in the Kingdom drops to 2,135 of which 52 cases are critical and are receiving treatment in intensive cares. Jeddah tops in the list with 279 active corona infections, Riyadh with 150, while Makkah is in 3rd position with 90 active infections.

- In the past 24 hours, the Ministry of Health has performed 36,678 corona tests, so far 30,863,762 covid-19 tests done since the beginning of the pandemic in Saudi Arabia.

- The Ministry of Health announced it has administered over 46.7 million (46,720,800) doses of corona vaccine all over the Kingdom through its 587 vaccination centers. In which 309,543 people received booster doses, while the elderly people received 1,710,299 doses. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Google News

- The Ministry also reports, over 22 million (22,007,429) people received two doses of corona vaccine, while 24.40 million (24,403,828) people received first dose of the vaccine against corona virus.

Two vaccines approved in Saudi Arabia for the 3rd Booster dose - Ministry of Health -

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