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Ministry of Health explains the reasons for the continued emergence of Corona Mutations

The official spokesperson for the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia, Dr. Muhammad Al-Abdali said that the continued emergence of mutations is the result of the failure to achieve the desired goals or the arrival of a group of community members for a period of time exceeding certain months without strengthening their doses, especially the elderly, or a extreme carelessness in precautions. See Also : Saudi Arabia allows direct entry from India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Egypt and 2 other countries from 1st December 2021

During the press conference held Today, Al-Abdali said "The focus of variant are still active in Europe, as well as remarkable activity in South Africa, and it may currently be linked to what was recently announced about the emergence and monitoring of new cases of mutation, this new variants is currently classified at alarming levels by the World Health Organization, with a name Omicron".

- He added that, the pandemic continues, warning "those with illusions and false beliefs, who claim that the pandemic is over", that as long as the pandemic continues, all recommendations for immunity will remain, calling for the importance of taking booster doses of the anti-Coronavirus vaccine, always and not only because of the emergence of a mutated from or not. Trending : Saudi Arabia announces extension of Iqamas, exit re-entry visas, visit visas for expats outside the Kingdom and are in suspended countries until 31st January 2022

- The Ministry of Health's spokesperson continued, there is carelessness and inaction from some, who have not received the doses should complete them, appealing to the owners of institutions and establishments to ensure the health status of all their visitors.

- The side effects of the booster dose of the Corona vaccine do not differ from the mild symptoms that occur in some recipients of the vaccine, these symptoms are high temperature, headache or some pain at the injection side, and it disappears within two days and responds to any pain relievers or antipyretics.

- Today (On 28th November), Saudi Arabia reported 24 new corona infections, 32 recoveries and 1 death, bringing up the total corona cases in the Kingdom to 549,695 of which 538,856 recovered with 8,833 deaths. Most Viewed : Ministry of Interior suspends flights from and to 7 more countries

- Active cases of corona virus in Saudi Arabia further falls to 2,006 of which 48 are critical and are receiving treatment in intensive cares.

- The Kingdom's government has so far administered more than 47.30 million (47,309,172) doses of corona vaccine all over the Kingdom through its 587 vaccination centers, In which 347,133 are booster doses and the elderly people received 1,718,160 doses of the vaccine against corona virus.

- The Ministry of Health announced more than 22.38 million (22,380,259) people received two doses of the vaccine, while 24.58 million (24,581,780) people received only one dose of vaccine against corona virus. Read : Direct entry from all countries for expats who received one dose of Corona vaccine in Saudi Arabia

Ministry of Health explains the reasons for the continued emergence of Corona Mutations -

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