Posted by : Aahil Shaik Sunday, September 12, 2021

Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia starts calculating the absence of Non-Vaccinated students

The Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia confirmed that, starting from Today, Sunday, absences will be counted for students, who did not receive the Corona virus vaccine.

The Ministry had called all students to take the initiative to take the Corona vaccine, and confirmed that the absence of those who were not immunized would be calculated in two doses.

- The Education Ministry also highlighted that completing immunization with two doses leads to a safe and present return to educational facilities, to community immunity and to a return to normal life. Trending : 60 days without a fine after the expiry of Istimara

- The Minister of Education, Dr. Hamad bin Muhammad Al Al-Sheikh, said that the education journey continues for our sons and daughters with the support of leadership and strengthening partnership with society, despite the challenges of the Corona pandemic in every classroom, school and university.

- He said that the Ministry of Education, at the beginning of the new academic year, made great efforts in developing curricula, study plans, high school tracks and digital platforms, and applying the three classes, to keep pace with and compete with international best practices, and create a better future for the sons and daughters of the country.

- Sources revealed that, The Ministry of Education sent a circular to all educational departments regarding students who are absent without an excuse. Recommend : Tourist and Visit visa holders can perform Umrah after getting permit from Eatmarna app

Ministry of Education starts calculating the absence of Non-Vaccinated students -

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