Posted by : Aahil Shaik Thursday, July 22, 2021

No need to isolate returning Hajj pilgrims, If no Corona symptoms appear - Ministry of Health

There is no need to examine or isolate of those who are returning from Hajj pilgrimage, unless the symptoms of corona virus appear during the 2 weeks after the end of the Hajj rituals, said the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, Abdullah Asiri. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Telegram

He explained this in a tweet after few Hajj pilgrims of this year asked about whether they need to take Covid-19 test or isolation upon returning from Hajj pilgrimage to their families.

- He added that, As all the Hajj pilgrims received vaccines against Corona virus, there is no need for any Covid-19 test or isolation unless any symptoms of Corona appear during the next 2 weeks after returning from Hajj. Trending : Saudi Arabia bans its citizens from traveling to Indonesia

- Today, Saudi Arabia announces 1,162 new Corona cases, 1,386 new recoveries and 15 deaths, bringing the total cases in the Kingdom to 514,446 of which 495,650 recovered with 8,130 deaths.

- Active Corona cases in the Kingdom further falls to 10,666, of which 1,362 are critical and are receiving treatment in intensive cares. Riyadh tops in active corona cases with 1,660, Jeddah with 688 and Makkah in 3rd place with 539 active covid-19 infections.

- Saudi Arabia has given more than 23.66 million (23,661,869) doses of Corona vaccine all over the Kingdom through 587 vaccination centers, of which first doses are 18.44 million, second doses are 5.29 million and the elderly people received 1.42 million doses of the vaccine against Corona virus. Most Viewed : 2nd dose of Corona vaccine is must for citizens to travel outside the Kingdom

- In the last 24 hours, Saudi Arabia has done 81,506 Covid-19 tests and 24.1 million (24,105,282) Corona tests done so far by the Ministry through all over the Kingdom.

No need to isolate returning Hajj pilgrims, If no Corona symptoms appear - Ministry of Health -

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