Posted by : Aahil Shaik Thursday, April 22, 2021

A Fine of 25,000 Riyals for digging Well without a License, Ministry of Environment gives Advice

The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture in Saudi Arabia called on owners of unlicensed wells to take advantage of the fine exemption period by disclosing their unlicensed wells within the specified period ending on 11/2/1444 H.

The ministry explained that this comes in implementation of the water system that was issued on 11/11/1441 and stipulates in Article 73 of it that: Ministry disclosed it within 2 years from the date on which the system came into effect.

- The ministry added that the violation of drilling wells without a license amounts to 25,000 riyals in implementation of the water law and its implementing regulations in the event that the license is not granted within the specified period, in addition to filling the violating well at the expense of the well owner. Trending : 4 Conditions that allow employers to issued Final Exit to domestic workers during probation

- The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture recently launched an electronic platform that allows the beneficiary to get a license for a previously drilled well without a license, which enables him in the future to issue a license to deepen, fill, clean or dig an alternative well if approved.

- The applications that can be submitted through the platform are divided into 4 sections, which are the issuance of a license to drill a new well, deepen it, clean it, or fill it.

- The Ministry of Environment indicated that the platform allows specifying the nature of the applicant individual, company or institution, government agency, and explaining the purpose of use agricultural, industrial, municipal purposes, drinking water, government wells, fuel stations, government agencies, monitoring wells. Feeding wells, test wells. Recommend : Treasures buried in Saudi Arabia to provide 200,000 jobs

- It is also required to attach the required documents according to the purpose of using the well, with stating the location of the land, and agreeing to the conditions and undertakings, and if the request is approved, refer to the Ministry’s branch in the region to receive the license in the presence of the drilling contractor who was contracted with and has a license to practice drilling issued by the Ministry and valid original documents for matching.

A Fine of 25,000 Riyals for digging Well without a License, Ministry of Environment gives Advice -

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