Posted by : Aahil Shaik Sunday, June 14, 2020

Treasures buried in Saudi Arabia to provide 200,000 Jobs

The Industrial Fund said the treasure buried in the lands of Saudi Arabia, other than oil (black gold), explaining in this regard to the vast mineral resources it owns, through which its development can provide 200,000 new job opportunities in the Kingdom. Trending : EAn expat arrested for converting house into barber shop

The Industrial Fund through its official account on Twitter, shared a video, in which it revealed about the treasure in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, This treasure is not in black gold (oil), but it is in the northern and western regions, and it is a huge store of Gold, Silver, Copper, Zinc, Phosphate, Aluminum and Iron.  Recommend : Cloud seeding in Saudi Arabia to increase rain by 20 percent

The Fund pointed out that the Kingdom has started serious steps to develop this sector, among which is building two mining cities in Waad Al-Shamal and Ras Al-Khair. Therefore, a mining train has been initiated between them, highlighting that, it is one of the goals of the Kingdom's vision to develop this sector. It contributes to $ 250 billion of GDP annually, and provides about 200,000 jobs.

The Fund stated that the development of this sector represents a major challenge, and therefore it has allocated 15 billion riyals to start this sector, so that it will be the third pillar of the national economy and for the Kingdom to become one of the most important producing and exporting minerals. See Also : Saudi Arabia bans work under direct sun from June 15 to September 15

Treasures buried in Saudi Arabia to provide 200,000 Jobs -

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