Posted by : Aahil Shaik Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Riyadh Health arrests a Citizen and an Expat for trading forged Covid-19 test Certificates

The Riyadh Health in Saudi Arabia arrests a citizen and an expatriate for trading in forged Corona virus (Covid-19) test certificates.

"Riyadh Health" in its statement said, Based on a report received by the Compliance Department, it was interacted with, and the site in which the citizen and the expatriate work was identified, and they were in ownership of a number of false certificates.

- The Health explained that they were handed over to the police in preparation for referring them to the Public Prosecution Office for investigation and taking all legal measures against them.

- The "Riyadh Health" highlighted that the inspection rounds are continuing and will not be self satisfied in imposing severe penalties against any health facility that violates or neglects the legal procedures or measures related to the society health. Trending : Expat remittances increased by 12% in January 2021

- In accordance with Article 28 of the Health Professions Practice Law. It is punished with imprisonment for a period of up to 6 months, and a fine of up to 100,000 riyals, or one of these two punishments, for in the following.

- Anyone who practices health professions without a license, and who provides data that do not match the truth, or uses unlawful methods, which resulted in granting him a license to practice health professions, and who used a means of propaganda that would lead the public to believe that they are entitled to practice health professions contrary to the truth Whoever assumes a title for himself one of the titles that are usually given to practitioners of health professions, and whoever has machines or equipment that is usually used in the practice of health professions, without being licensed to practice those professions or without having a legitimate reason for their possession, from a trader in human organs Or, he transplanted a human organ knowing that it was obtained through trade.

- The Health noted that, it continues the inspection tours carried out by the compliance teams, as well as the reports received by service users on @ SaudiMOH937. Recommend : Jawazat clarifies on renwing iqama for those who are outside Saudi Arabia

- Article 14 of the Law on Combating Forgery Crimes stipulated that whoever forged or granted (as per jurisdiction) a medical report or certificate contrary to the truth with his knowledge of that. He shall be punished with imprisonment for a period not more than a year and a fine not more than 100,000 riyals, or one of these two penalties.

Riyadh Health arrests a Citizen and an Expat for trading forged Covid-19 test Certificates -

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