Posted by : Aahil Shaik Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Five new e-services in Absher Individuals and new update version of Absher for the deaf

The Ministry of Interior in Saudi Arabia is continuing to expand its electronic services provided through various platforms in order to ease the services for Saudi nationals and resident expatriates.

In this regard, it added to the Civil Status Department 5 new services to the list of 'Absher Individuals' platform. The new services includes the following.

* Request for modifying qualifications

* Name correction in English

* Modification of social status

* Linking civil records of children to the mother and

* service for improving the developed version

- The Ministry also launched the updated version of Absher service for the deaf and hard of hearing, it allows the worker or user to communicate via QR Code technology with a sign language interpreter in the Unified Visual Call Center through contact points at all Civil Status service stations all over the Kingdom. Most Viewed : Pfizer announces the Corona virus vaccine against children of 12-15 years is 100% effective

- The ministry also launched the services of registering birth and death, in the Kingdom's representation offices abroad, in the countries they are residing in.

- The service that is implemented through the electronic link between the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will facilitate for citizens residing abroad requesting registration of birth and death incidents that take place abroad.

- The Ministry of Interior also launched the 2nd version of the Meydan platform, which is one of the integrated security platforms to support the security work capabilities technically. It was supervised and implemented by national cadres from the interior ministry.

- The 2nd version of Meydan platform consists of 14 electronic mechanisms, including reading the portable digital ID and security inquiries, verifying Hajj and Umrah permits, reporting traffic accidents to Road security and the id of electronic security man, reports Saudi Gazette. Read : Oman Air resumes flights to Riyadh after Dammam

Five new e-services in Absher Individuals and new update version of Absher for the deaf -

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