Posted by : Aahil Shaik Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Huroob or Absent from Work workers can now register with the Tawakkalna app

Huroob (Absent from Work) workers in Saudi Arabia can now register on Tawakkalna app, announced the app management team in a statement through its official twitter account.

Huroob or Absent from work or Run away is an expat worker who escapes from his employer and find job with another employer illegally, The first employer reports the worker as Huroob with the Ministry of Interior of the Kingdom. Trending : Saudi Airlines clarifies on changing the ownership of flight tickets

- Saudi Arabia has many Huroob cases of expat workers, who escape from their employer and work on different or illegal jobs in a illegal way.

- Earlier, Tawakkalna app announced the expats with expired iqamas can also register with the app and those who are on visit visa can also register with Tawakkalna, however they need to be in the Kingdom in order to do that.

- Tawakkalna app is must in all regions of the Kingdom for entering into commercial complexes, malls and public departments of the Kingdom. Similar : Expats with expired iqamas can now register with Tawakkalna app

- Tawakkalna app is an official app of the Ministry of Health in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it was developed by National Information Center.

- More than 17 million people registered with the Tawakkalna app in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the last 9 months. the app is free of charge, telecom service providers to accelerate the access to the app services through digital solutions and alternatives. Read : Saudi Arabia bans cultivation of Palm trees in Gardens and Parks

Huroob Expat workers can now register with Tawakkalna app -

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