Posted by : Aahil Shaik Tuesday, December 8, 2020

 Clarification from Absher about 'Date of Birth' not appearing in Passport data

The “Absher” platform clarified the procedure required of the citizen or expatriate in the event that the “date of birth” does not appear in his registered passport data.

The Absher received an inquiry from one of the user in Saudi Arabia, who inquired, “While I renew my passport and when I enter it in the Absher platform electronically, I see all the details of the new passport without the date of birth. Is this a technical error?” 

- Absher responded that the beneficiary in this case must provide, the image through private messages, accompanied by data including "his name, ID number, and his mobile number to communicate with him." Trending : Jawazat warns of conditions for renewing iqama of Male and Female dependents

- In order to go to Messages section to message to Absher, Login to your Absher, then 'electronic services', then go to 'My Services', then public services and 'Messages and Documents'.

- The "Absher" platform provides all services of the Ministry of Interior, to Saudi citizens and resident expatriates quickly and without the need to go to service centers. Read : Jawazat revealed the fine for staying in Saudi Arabia after the expiry of final exit visa

- This is to ensure that the beneficiaries' time and effort are shortened and services are provided according to the highest required standards, the services of the Absher benefits citizens and residents registered and activated on the Absher portal including those who have domestic workers.

Clarification from Absher about 'Date of Birth' not appearing in Passport data -

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