Posted by : Aahil Shaik Tuesday, December 15, 2020

 Avoid 25% Fine, If you are carrying Money or Gold worth 60,000 or More

Saudi Customs invited passengers arriving and departing to and from Saudi Arabia who owns and carrying currencies or valuable things to declare them before arriving at the port of entry or exit, by entering the declaration form on the Saudi Customs website via the link.

Filling out the designated declaration form online and providing the customs officer In the approval office at all land, sea and air ports with the reference number to complete the declaration procedures, or through the Saudi Customs application on smartphone, indicating that the declaration form is also available at the acknowledgment offices in all ports if you wish to fill it out on paper. Trending : Is employer responsible to Insure employee during Probation period

- Saudi Customs said that the approval process is required for every incoming or outgoing passenger carrying any currencies, valuable things, gold bars, precious metals, gemstones, or wearing jewelry worth up to 60,000 riyals or more or the equivalent in foreign currencies, as confirmed by customs. The declaration also includes travelers who are in possession of any goods, whether these goods are prohibited, restricted, or subject to taxes and fees.

- Saudi Customs revealed a fine of 25% of the value of seized items in the case of failure to declare or false declaration, if the violation was for the first time, and “50%” of its value upon repeating it.

- If there is no suspicion that the seizures are related to a crime or money laundering, the entire amount shall be withheld and the violator referred to the Public Prosecution. 

- Saudi Customs added that failure to approve or declare goods, whether prohibited or restricted, entails confiscating those materials, imposing the customs fine, and referring the person to the competent authority in case that he possesses prohibited materials, stressing that this comes based on the text of Article 23 of the Anti-Money Laundering Law and based on the text of Article 60 of The common customs system. Read : Jawazat allows to issue final exit to domestic workers before the issuance of iqama

Avoid 25% Fine, If you are carrying Money or Gold worth 60,000 or More -

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