Posted by : Aahil Shaik Saturday, November 7, 2020

 Video : Strong Sand Storm hits Al Qassim region of Saudi Arabia

Al Qassim region and its governorates of Saudi Arabia were exposed this evening with a strong sand storm, which started from the west of the region causing a decrease in horizontal visibility.

The Presidency of Meteorology and Environment predicts, in its weather report for today, that there are rainy thunderstorms accompanied by activity in the surface winds, which leads to a decrease in the visibility of "Al-Bukayriyah, Al-Rass, Al-Mithnab, Al-Nabhaniyah, Buraidah, Aqla Al-Suqur and Unaizah."

- Social media videos showed dust and dirt rising dramatically over residential areas of Al Qassim region. The General Administration of Civil Defense in Al Qassim region called to be cautious.

Video  Strong Sand Storm hits Al Qassim region of Saudi Arabia-

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