Posted by : Aahil Shaik Thursday, November 26, 2020

 Seat Belt reduces Accident injuries by up to 50% in Front seats - Live Healthy

The health awareness platform of the Ministry of Health (Live Healthy) in Saudi Arabia advised everyone to fasten their seat belts while traveling, highlighting that it will reduce injuries on accidents.

"Live healthier" said that, "The seat belt reduces accident injuries by up to 50% in the front seats and 75% for the back seats, by your commitment you can protect yourself and your loved ones with you." Trending : Penalty for abusing women Physically or Psychologically in Saudi Arabia

- According to Traffic law, passengers are obligated to use seat belts while traveling on road in vehicles, those who do not use seat belt at front seats are violating the law and the violator to be penalized with 150 SR to 300 Saudi Riyals. 

- The Traffic Department reminds that the violation of not fastening the seat belt also applies to the passenger next to the driver and that he is obligated to use seat belts according to the traffic law.  Read : Saudi Arabia renames Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority with Saudi Central Bank

- New traffic cameras of Saudi Arabia detects those who are not fastening seat belts and using mobile phones while driving and records the violations of the traffic system to penalize them.

Seat Belt reduces Accident injuries by up to 50% in Front seats -

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