Posted by : Aahil Shaik Monday, August 31, 2020

United Arab Emirates grants Paternal leave, becomes first Arab country to do so

United Arab Emirates (UAE) approved new amendments to federal law on the regulations of labor relations, granting parental leave to workers in the private sector, UAE became the first country in Arab world to grant paternal leave to private sector employees.

The step of Paternity leave comes as part of effort to support gender balance and equal opportunities as well as to realize family cohesion and stability. Private sector workers are entitled for 5 days paid leave to take care of their newborns during the period of date of birth until 6 months. Trending : Expats in Qatar no longer needs NOC to switch jobs

- This step is to encourage young talent to engage in jobs in private sector, where the paternal leave is the new series of benefits for private sector workers to enhance the role of parents. which is granted to mother or father employee in childcare and is paid.

- The move is part of gender balance related legislation, several studies shows paternity leave can have lasting benefits, not only for father child bonding, but for mothers and for the parents relationship. See Also : Saudi Arabia discovers 2 new oil  and gas fields

- Kids whose father took paternity leave have reported feeling closer to their father than those fathers who did not takes, even the short period of paternity leave will benefit greater martial stability and reduces risk of divorce.

UAE grants Paternal leave, becomes first Arab country to do so - Saudi-Expatriates.com

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