Posted by : Aahil Shaik Saturday, August 29, 2020

Ministry of Health stops Overtime Work related to Countering Corona Virus cases

After maintaining the levels in corona virus cases, preventing its spread and decreasing the number of infections recorded in daily in various regions and cities of Saudi Arabia, The Ministry of Health has issued a decision not to assign overtime work to combating the corona virus infection for all employees.

Starting from 1st Sept. 2020, The decision applies on Chapter One or on the self employment program or any other chapters of programs. The statement also said to carry out the tasks during working hours and schedules should be prepared in a manner ensuring the continuity of services. Read : Saudi Arabia  reports Corona virus cases under 1,000 in a day after months

- In case of an urgent and pressing need to assign more workers, in a narrowest opportunity, a request for assignment should be sent to the Overtime Allowance Committee for Countering the Coronavirus Pandemic, formed as per the decision of the Health Minister issued on 1st June 2020 reports Saudi Gazette.

- It is noteworthy that the Health Ministry recently announced the closure of some departments mean to cater for people who contracted with the Covid-19 infection, in some health facilities of Al Kharj, as they are no longer needed.

- Earlier, The ministry confirmed the closure of 3 departments in King Khalid Hospital and Prince Sultan Center for Health Services in Al-Kharj and King Salman Hospital in Riyadh had recently sent the corona infected patient after he fully recovered. Trending : Video of last Corona patient recovered from King Salman Hospital in Riyadh

Ministry of Health stops Overtime Work related to Countering Corona Virus cases - Saudi-Expatriates.com

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