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Ministry of Health response on Corona virus Vaccine Trials and its Two Conditions

The official spokesperson of the Ministry of Health Dr. Muhammad Al Abd Al-Aali said that the Kingdom is participating in all global efforts to support all research and support the provision of successful vaccines or treatments to combat this virus.  Trending : Ministry of Education decided to appoint eligible Saudi Nationals a principals of private and international schools

Work is being carried out continuously by the competent authorities to ensure and follow up all that is new regarding vaccines against Corona, and work to provide any vaccine that proves its approval and combines two things: that it is effective and safe.

- He said that the results of the first and second trials of Corona virus (Covid-19) vaccine were promising. Soon the third phase of clinical trials of vaccine with the highest scientific methodologies, The Ministry is expecting good and the results of the third phase will be announced clearly to all the members of the society. Recommend : 'Resumption of international flights to Saudi Arabia on October' news is fake and baseless - GACA

- For now, The basic incubation period is extended from exposure to the virus until 14 days, which is a period in which care must be taken, follow-up, and quarantine, according to the medical evaluation. People with asthma are classified as a risk group with more severe complications.

- Services in verification centers and clinics are continuous, and services have been provided to more than two million beneficiaries so far. Thank God, The recovery rate of Coronavirus in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has increased to 87.7% of the total number of infected people. See Also : Saudi Arabia records 36 deaths Today, Conducted more than 4 million Corona tests as of now

- Today's deaths classification by cities are Riyadh (8), Jeddah (5), Taif (3), Madina (3), Makkah (2), Tabuk (2), Buraidah (2), Al Hofuf (2), Abha (1), ArAr (1), Rijal Al Aaam (1), Bisha (1), Al Ras (1), Sabya (1), Al Ayyun (1), Al Namas (1) and Mahayel Asir (1).

Ministry of Health response on Corona virus Vaccine Trials and its 2 Conditions - Saudi-Expatriates.com

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