Posted by : Aahil Shaik Saturday, August 8, 2020

India exceeds more than 2 million Corona virus cases with over 42,500 Deaths

World's 2nd most populated country 'India' is struggling to slow the spread of Corona Virus (Covid-19), As its cases have doubled within 3 weeks to more than 2 million infections. Trending : Crimes while driving may lead you in Jail for 4 years with 200,000 riyals fine in Saudi Arabia

India has becomes 3rd most infected country in the world after 2.08 million corona cases and 5th country in the list of deaths due to Covid-19 pandemic. While USA in top with 5 million infections and 164,104 deaths followed by Brazil with 2.9 million cases and 99,702 deaths.

- Today, India registers 61,537 new infections with 933 deaths making the total Covid-19 infections in the country to 2,088,611 with 42,518 deaths as per the ministry of health in India. The number of recoveries reached to 1,427,005 at a percentage of 68.32 of total cases. Recommend : Air India flight skids off runaway at Kozhikode Airport

- About 619,088 cases are still active in India at a rate of 29.64%, From last 10 days India is continuously reporting more than 50,000 cases.

- New 933 deaths reported today has 300 from Maharashtra, 119 from Tamil Nadu, 101 from Karnataka, 89 from Andhra Pradesh, 63 from Uttar Pradesh, 52 from West Bengal, 23 in Delhi, 22 from Gujarat, 22 from Punjab, 16 from Madhya Pradesh, 14 from Uttarakhand, 14 from Telangana, 13 from Jammu and Kashmir, 12 from Orissa, 10 from Rajasthan and 10 from Chattisgarh, 9 from Haryana, 6 each from Bihar, Assam, Jharkhand, 5 from Kerala, Puduncherry, 4 in Goa, 3 in Andaman and 1 from Nagaland and Tripura. See Also : Saudi Arabia has recovered more than 87.1% of Corona cases

- From the total 42,518 deaths in India, Maharashtra tops with 17,092, Tamil nadu with 4,690, 4082 from Delhi, 2998 from Karnataka, 2605 from Gujarat, 1981 in Uttar Pradesh, 1954 in West Bengal, 1842 in Andhra Pradesh and 962 in Madhya Pradesh and so on.

India exceeds more than 2 million Corona virus cases with over 42,500 Deaths - Saudi-Expatriates.com-

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