Posted by : Aahil Shaik Saturday, August 15, 2020

Intensive Care Units (ICU) beds increased by 43% in the hospitals of Riyadh - Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia announced an increase in the percentage of intensive care (ICU) beds in hospitals in the Riyadh region for all sectors by 43%. Trending : Penalties for not wearing seat belt or using mobile while driving

As part of its efforts to improve the level of health services in the region and improve the services to meet the health needs of citizens and residents living in the Riyadh region.

- This step comes in line with what the Ministry, As it recently announced that it has added approximately 3,500 intensive care beds, within 90 days, in various health sector hospitals in all regions of the Kingdom. Recommend : 1900 Expat workers of Industrial sector replaced with 500 Saudi citizens

- With the aim of providing the utmost protection for the safety of citizens and residents, and in continuation to apply the highest standards of prevention, and to take proactive preventive measures to address Coronavirus (Covid 19).

- The Ministry of Health advises to citizens and expatriate residents regarding the protection from the Corona virus, Where it demanded to follow preventive measures and pay attention to daily habits, which may cause or prevent infection with the Corona virus, warning that the face should not be touched after leaving the house. See Also : Active corona cases dropped in Saudi Arabia to 29,605

ICU beds increased by 43% in the hospitals of Riyadh - Ministry of Health

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