Posted by : Aahil Shaik Saturday, July 11, 2020

Ministry of Interior announces the Table of Violations of Corona Protocols and its Penalties

The Ministry of Interior has announced a table for classifying violations of precautionary measures and preventive measures (protocols) taken by the relevant authorities to confront the emerging Covid-19 pandemic and its penalties.

The Ministry of the Interior, Today renewed the reminders of the violations of the precautionary measures and the preventive measures (protocols) taken by the government agencies to confront the Corona pandemic, and the penalties prescribed for each violation.

The Ministry mentioned the violations, and the punishment for each violation. Among the violations is "family gathering inside homes, breaks, or farms with more than 50 people in one or specified space, and they do not have a single residential relationship." In this case, the punishment amounts to a fine of 10,000 riyals.

Also among the violations are "gatherings for social purposes, such as mourning and parties, and the like for more than 50 people", and the penalty for that violation amounts to 40,000 riyals.

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