Posted by : Aahil Shaik Friday, July 17, 2020

Child dies after Corona Virus test Swab breaks in his Nose

A 18 months old Saudi Arabian kid, Abdulaziz died last week after a swab broke inside his nose while medical staff in a hospital in Saudi Arabia performed Corona virus test as he had a fever.

The boy was taken to General Hospital in central Saudi Arabia by his parents, As he had high temperature, medical staff tested the boy, during test, the swab broke inside the naval cavity.

- Doctors performed an operation to extract the swab, which they said was successful, the child's uncle was quoted to local media. he said the boy did not suffer from any chronic or dangerous diseases.

- After the operation the boy woke up, The mother of the boy asked the nurse for the specialist doctor to examine the boy after the operation, check his status and ensure that the swab was taken out completely.

- The nurse said doctor was not available and asked the mother to wait, At 9 AM the boy lost consciousness and the medical staff found that the boy was not breathing and performed CPR, said teh boy's uncle.

- The X-ray showed that a blockage of the airway in one of the lungs, as per the radiologist. The boy's uncle demanded he be transferred to a specialist hospital in Riyadh but the child died even before the arrival of ambulance.

- The Kingdom's Health Minister Tawfiq bin Fawazan Al Rabiah ordered an investigation into the incident and called father of the child to offer his condolences and vowed to follow up on the case personally reports Al Arabiya news.

Child dies after Corona Virus test Swab breaks in his Nose

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