Posted by : Aahil Shaik Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Tawakkalna : Medical Emergency Permit, Steps to Request or Cancel it

The "Tawaklana" application, approved by the Ministry of Health, added a new service, which is an "emergency medical permit", for an hour, with the possibility of adding one assisting person.

The Tawakkalna application stated, via its Twitter account, that in cooperation with the Saudi Red Crescent Authority and the Saudi Health Council, We launched an "emergency medical permit" service, which allows the user to request an exit permit for an emergency health condition, which requires its urgent transfer to a medical facility.

- The application added that the permit is an hour long, and it can be canceled within 15 minutes of accepting the request, and the permit allows the exit of the individual (the patient) and accompanying the patient when needed, from the place of residence to the medical facility, It cannot be canceled for the second time on the same day, The request can be made in the areas of total curfew and during partial curfew timing only.

-The method of obtaining the emergency medical permit is explained that it is done through the following steps :

1. Entering the list of permits.

2. Requesting an emergency medical permit.

3. Identify the patient (you or the companion).

- Patient's presence must be confirmed by the medical facility, explaining that the permit applicant or companion, his other permits will be of walking or food or a new emergency medical will be suspended, until the patient's presence is confirmed by medical facility.

- Medical facility to grant permission to return the patient and his companion to his residence under the name of medical appointment return.

The application indicated that revoking or canceling the permit is done through the following steps:

1. Choose an emergency medical permit through the application.

2. Click the Cancel Permit button.

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