Posted by : Aahil Shaik Sunday, June 21, 2020

Rules to follow at Restaurants and Cafes in Saudi Arabia

The Ministry of Commerce in Saudi Arabia announced the provisions in the protocol for restaurants and cafes in effect starting today (Sunday); To reduce the spread of the emerging corona virus.

The protocol included 5 prohibitions, They are,

1. Preventing the provision of honey and hookahs

2. Not to open places for children's games

3. Do not allow crowding at toilets

4. Preventing overcrowding of customers at the entrance or waiting places, and

5. Do not allow entry of those with respiratory symptoms similar to "Corona".

The provisions of the protocol includes the following :

1. Checking Temperature before entering.

2. Prohibition of serving Honey and Shisha.

3. Encourage the use of electronic payment whenever possible.

4. Providing personal protective equipment for workers such as gloves, hair nets and a single-use body wear.

5. Allow cloth covers to be placed on tables while ensuring that they are changed or cleaned after each use.

6. Measuring the staff temperature and informing the concerned authorities of anyone whose temperature is higher than 38 degrees Celsius, and isolating the employee until referring him to a health care facility.

7. Wearing the face mask all the time, except while eating.

8. Close children's play areas.

9. Multiple menus of dishes, plastic or paper or electronic touch screens are allowed.

10. Arrange the tables in a way that guarantees the minimum spacing (1.5 m).

11. Preventing overcrowding at toilets and placing floor stickers to regulate movement.

12. Establish a mechanism to manage the queue and prevent clients from crowding at the entrance or waiting places.

13. Periodically cleaning and disinfecting toilets (preferably every 2 hours), while keeping a record of their own.

14. It is preferable to use dishes, cups and other single-use eating utensils in the event of serving food, or cleaning utensils well and making sure to disinfect them.

15. Putting banners at the entrance to restaurants and cafes by preventing people who have respiratory symptoms similar to the emerging "Corona" virus.

16. It is preferable to have trash cans that work without the need for touch.

17. Provide hand sanitizers in a clear place.

Rules to follow at Restaurants and Cafes in Saudi Arabia

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